The Decaydead Journal

An unique story based on the dark cyberpunk art and world of Argus Dorian

First edition written in August – December 2019 by Argus Dorian and John Rostand

Original published under the name “Decayded Nation – A bloody story of Survival” and Copyrighted by the U.S. Copyright Office 1-8638128911 in 2020

Rewritten and Updated in 2022-23 by Revna and Argus Dorian under the title “Decaydead Journal” Including new characters, a more intense story, new designs and a dark more deeper meaning that we hope will change your mind over truths, religion and politics.

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A Post Apocalyptic story that will change your perspective on today’s world!

  • What separates us from animals? Who could claim to be human enough to answer that question?
  • What is the red line between saving your daughter and saving humanity? The mother’s love is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon, people say. If you ask me, it depends on who holds it against who such holy power.

A new virus, of unknown origin, has spread to the world wreaking utter havoc on the weak and an opportunity for the promotion of power and enrichment of their already existing wealth for the Elite.

Those infected and still in the early stages, are taken to underground facilities, promised of help and salvation. The uninfected formed the front line on the greatest war the world has ever seen. Wish us luck…

The Decaydead Journal Chapters

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