Phase 01: The Beginning – ELINA

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Elina was a girl full of hopes and dreams.. but life chose something else for her.

Elina’s journey was marked by tremendous agony and hardship as she transitioned from a mere human to a formidable Hybrid Assassin.

She underwent a complete transformation, embracing her strengths and overcoming her weaknesses. Her evolution was not an easy process, as it came at a great cost.

However, her struggle ultimately proved to be worth it, as the result was a powerful, skilled warrior capable of taking on any challenge.

Elina’s journey proves that sometimes, the greatest transformations come from the most painful experiences.

Elina’s journey was marked by tremendous agony and hardship as she transitioned from a mere human to a formidable Hybrid Assassin.

She underwent a complete transformation, embracing her strengths and overcoming her weaknesses. Her evolution was not an easy process, as it came at a great cost.

However, her struggle ultimately proved to be worth it, as the result was a powerful, skilled warrior capable of taking on any challenge.

Elina’s journey proves that sometimes, the greatest transformations come from the most painful experiences.

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Combine the DNA

Elina got the virus…

Not all people have the same job opportunities, yet most would like such privilege.

Not all dancers dance for Bolshoi ballet, yet many would like such honour. Not all women are dreaming of luxurious life, yet some find happiness in the most common things. Just like Elina, who only wanted to be a ballet dancer yet now works in a strip club downtown.

A student as she is, she can’t say no to some extra money here and there. As a result, her first bad decision had been made. One night, a VIP client paid her a visit… right before their… meeting… this man disrespected her in the most outrageous way and she had to do something about it. Picked up her high-heel and…

She is so proud of herself now. Her blood boils underneath her skin and suddenly the burns are visible on her body. Under such circumstances we feel powerful and unstoppable but the truth lies far beyond that. The conquer of fear is what gives us the illusion of power over people. From my personal perspective, the scared ones are the most dangerous ones. A dog for example won’t harm you normally but when its wounded it will feel the need to protect itself. Normal, right? Now take a look at her body… The scratchiness is unbelievable.

Elina got the virus… Scavengers were already on the way after security called them, to pick her up. There’s something different on this girl. The virus seems to collaborate perfectly with her. What a prize for the Director!

Amynta spend many days on the surface looking for hunters when she finally managed to capture one and brought it back to the Secret Underground Facilities. The Director is standing petrified of the its image. She touched it, wearing gloves of course, and smiled. Her scientists have now to examine it and find a way to combine it’s D.N.A. with one of the successful experiments in order to create a stronger and more advanced Assassin. Hunters, as we know so far, have the ability to heal faster than any other creature plus they are extremely strong.

The “Elina” project started.

The Infection by Argus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

The injection

Phase 01

If you had a chance to get your revenge, would you take it? Would you stand side by side with Nemesis or would you rather take matters into your own hands?

The scientists explained everything to her. They noticed that Elina’s body heals faster, unlike any other and yet the virus still exists in her just with zero symptoms. The director asked her if she wants to take place in this experiment and join the Elite’s team, being the most valuable body in the facility… able to heal and all.

‘’if everything goes well, and it will… You will become the leader of the Assassins! They will follow you Elina. After everything you’ve been through… imagine been treated as the hero that you are from people around you! Elina who helped the humanity in the darkest times of history!’’

She gladly accepted. and why wouldn’t she? Elina had nothing to lose… or so she thought. Despite her past, her pain, her being a victim in society’s hands, she wanted to help humanity. On the other hand, her being an unstoppable being, superior to all her abusers, sounds tempting as it is.

The doctors first thanked her and then they took her in the operation bed. Elina is lying on the the bed, looking at the lights on the ceiling spotting on her body and some huge surgical machines all around her. Her scars are closing and she is almost healed. Director is in the same room… right next to her… while the doctors are checking all the equipment to see if everything is in place for the procedure. They placed her body in the right possession to tide her up so she can’t move at all.

They don’t need screams while they’re trying to help humanity, right? Salvation is near now.

Phase 01 - Experiment Combine the DNA

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Mind Control

Phase 02

The guards are taking her to the operation table again.

It’s a new room tho. There’s a chair and a gigantic needle holding from above. This machine was so big, Elina couldn’t see where it starts and where it ends. Clothes off. Past experiences with the very same start are now playing inside her head like a broken cassette. ’No’ she whispers.. but just like any other time, they didn’t listen.

Its the exact same feeling with the one she was getting inside her red VIP room. Knife is out, lancet too. Elina went to sleep… and when she woke up, still unable to move, looked around and she found her, the Director. She is holding Elina’s hands telling her how good she was throughout the process and that everything went perfectly find. She was smiling, caressed her… The second stage was a success.

The Director stood up and walked to the doctors asking for clarification over Elina’s silence. It’s like the girl didn’t have a voice at all, she didn’t make any sound… nothing. Elina is empty, they reassured her. Like scorched earth, ready to receive new seeds and to grown greater, stronger possibilities on human history.

Last stage now and then she’s free to go. the doctors plugged her in, connecting the machines to her spine and finally to connect to her nervous system. A new chip is placed on her body. All of the sudden Elina knows how to fight, how to kill, how to survive no matter the circumstances. She is indeed the perfect Assassin and for this reason, she’s the only hope.

Would you do that? I mean.. would you erase all that makes you YOU? Would you delete everything? And if yes then why? Who told you that all you do is wrong or not good enough? I admire you. Being different is a luxury not many people hold. And if not.. I’m glad your life is so meaningful.

Elina Phase 2 - Mind Control by Argus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Transformation or Failure?

Phase 03

After many surgeries and injections of the new virus, Elina was taken to her room where she begun to transform.

She’s alone, standing in the middle of this cell, down on her knees. In addition to her unbearable pain throughout her whole body, now her insides are burning as well. It can’t stop now and it won’t. Not just yet. She must adapt to this new state. The transformation lasted for hours and hours. Βlack fluid flows from her every hole.. mouth, nose.. ears.. it’s her liquefied old organs that her new body expelled. The wounds start to close and her body heals once again. It makes you wonder, it’s not the amount of pain that tramples me.

It’s the state of her mind that is equally important if not more.. what kind of thoughts was she drowning into? Memories perhaps, childhood beautiful ones or dark adult ones? You think she still remembers her mother’s touch on her shoulder? maybe her fathers first gift? all the above, I would say. I hope.. she needs strength from every aspect in her life now to manage and handle the situation.

Remember when you said you don’t like your hips? Your breast is too small? Your nose is not straight enough? Remember when your muscles were not good enough to fight? You were called ugly, weak, not much of a man? Now think of all the compliments you got for these exact characteristics on you as well as the ones for your character.

Imagine being someone else. who would you be? If I were you.. I would be.. just different.

Your soul is what makes you, you. Your mind.. Your inner fights and wins and loses. You are beautiful just the way you are. Unique and irreplaceable.

Elina’s mind is still hers and the director, who was watching the process, ordered the guards to take her for the nest step…

Elina Phase 03 - failure or transformation

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

R-Evolution of Human Race

Phase 04

Elina is standing in front of the mirror, admiring herself. For the first time in her life, her body is something she is proud of.

All pain is gone, suffering lasted for more than it should and I’m not even talking about the operation but everything before it. Her body is now way much stronger, way more durable.. an indescribable force flows in her veins and her body is in frantic growth. Hair, muscles, nails even ears… everything grew or fell or changed.

She takes a scalpel and cuts her hand to see what will happen. black viscous fluid with some blood rolled off her wound for a few seconds and the cut begun to heal. The Director comes in the room. It’s a signal that Elina is ready to leave from there and that the doctors are ready to continue the process with the rest attachments that are planned for Elina’s upgrade. Elina looks at the director and smiles…fix me…she said.

Biochemical weapons will enter to her body, new organs are already in place. Much need to be done yet. This is only the beginning.

They both left the room and entered an other one. More lights in here, no windows of course but still… more light… Elina took a look at the weapons the scientists want to attach to her body parts and only one thing comes to her mind ‘beautiful’ and then she lays on the operation bed once again, feeling safe, new… alive!

Sweet dreams Elina.. Your body can take the pain now. That’s nothing for you. You’ve been through worst Elina. Stay strong now.. it will all end soon and then you will be free to take your revenge. You see Elina.. I’m only trying to help you, to make you better if not the best! I love you and that’s why I behave as I do.. everything I do is for your own good dearest. My ways may not be perfect but I’m the only one who knows you better than anyone. Don’t even try to deny it honey. We both know that if it wasn’t for me, you would be nothing. I made you who you are! I am the only person you can trust because I’m the only one who loves you!

Sounds familiar..?

The doctors put her to sleep and get the process started. There’s no doubt now that the implants will stay put inside her and no problem will be caused ever again. they are all sure that this is the most amazing discovery of all times..

The doctors cut Elina in half and two teams of surgeons undertook. The young woman woke up hanging in the ceiling with nothing underneath her belly and I mean nothing. She looks at the table in front of her and there they are… her legs. She feels no pain. She feels nothing anymore…

R-Evolution of Human Race by Argus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Furious Elina

A new body with many secrets

Eyes wide open, black tears running down her face. She’s finally complete!

Fully recovered and healed. Fully upgraded. She’s able to breath on the surface despite the toxic polluted air and in addition to that, her reflexes are beyond imagination, vision and hearing is just unreal and equally important detail is her secret most beautiful feature on her body… her new adaption… the long, sharp, shiny blades coming out of her elbows when she needs them to.

A new body like this can have many secrets, wouldn’t you agree? What if I tell you that there is something even Elina isn’t aware of? But not yet… in the meantime let’s talk about something highly disturbing. You see, her mission is to capture hunters and humans of any age or and sex and bring them back to the facility. Instead of following the given orders she hunts and kills not only hunters but especially human men.

Do you understand why this is disturbing?

Her memories are erased. Burn. There’s absolutely nothing there for her to be triggered by, in case you’re wondering. Since hunters are dangerous to every other kind, yes they all must die, no matter what but when it comes to humans… why is she only killing men? And keep in mind that when I say killing I mean brutally tortures them till they beg to die.

Now I ask you, since it is time for our question to you… do you believe that something like this can happen? Even if we don’t remember why, we just don’t like a place, or a person. Our phobias must be coming from somewhere after all, right? Some people say it is because of our past life, others say it’s just the survival instinct. In either case, could our DNA hold memories that out brain doesn’t remember? And if that’s the case, does that make our body even smarter than we can understand and accept?

Furious Elina by Argus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Spread the Disease

Elina unlocked a new ability

She only had to come very close to one of her victims to understand that she can do so much more than she thought she could.

Elina just unlocked a new ability without even trying. She managed to spread the virus through her saliva. I mean exactly what you have in mind. She literally knelt next to a half-dead hunter, hold his head in her hands and spit on his mouth. For no reason. She just felt like it so she did it. Little did she know that this action will actually make the hunter, her pet. In other words, she not only spreads the virus but she also has the ability to turn her victims into her personal army. They would have no other choice but obey to her… and out of nowhere Elina has her very own team. Even the dead hunters or humans or whatever dead creature there’s around her, can become her follower just by a drop of her saliva into their system.

The Director couldn’t be happier when she found out about this! Being able to build something this great and insuperable can mess with your head. Such power she holds and for this reason she knew that she must do it again! Achieve it again! Play God… again.

In fact, the Director already has a name for her next creation.. Amphitrite. A beautiful name, isn’t it? Success can play tricks with our mind, that’s for sure. Especially when we are not aware of someone else who might be greater than us. Where does skill come from? Experts say that it’s a gift given to you since you were born, others say that skills is something you need to work on in order to make it work for you. I believe that no matter your nature talents, if you don’t try to work on them they will fade and leave you.

Practise wins over nature talents. Remember the bedtime story..? The fairytale..? The rabbit and the turtle? Who won? And which team are you siding with?

Spread the disease - Elina - by Argus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian


The story continues with Amphitrite so click here, below is the rest Elina’s story

Elina The Hybrid Assassin

Her Death (years after)

The blood is still fresh, you can literally smell death around you in every room you walk in.

The facility is under attack and the attacker is obviously more capable than they thought. Some screams here and there, from a distance, that later faded abruptly after the sounds of broken shores and skulls. Dead bodies everywhere, some still shaking with open eyes.. Not a single doctor, scavenger, investigator, experiments alive.

Elina, loyal to the director since the beginning tried to stop her. She is only just a girl, anyway! What harm can she bring upon such powerful being? Elina’s blades are on the floor, soaked in blood and her head is slipping slowly down her shoulders. Elina collapsed in frond of the girl. She is finally dead..

Rebirth program – Hybrid Assassin

It’s been years since the last time anyone saw Elina.

You would think that a scientist would take her body to keep it safe somewhere. Not too far from the truth, I must say. Days passed by, weeks, months.. Elina opened her eyes and first thing she notices, besides the fact that she is still alive, is the place around her. The air hits differently, her body feels different.. and if you want to take a look in her mind I will tell you what you would see.Confusion, images from her death plus her past life.. dancing, love, the eyes of her killer then hate towards men, humans in general, the satisfaction of her first killing. It all happened so quickly. Her brain is messed up right now. Elina tried to get up on her feet to take a look in the mirror that was in her room.

Look at that! A faultless body, all white and clean. Her face is hidden tho, under a mask that’s connected to wires going in her whole body. She tried to remove it but it didn’t work. The mask is completely attached to her face. There is no way, it’s coming off.

– Welcome back little sister! We felt your death and brought you back here. For now on, this is your home, where you belong.

The voice comes from the corner. Elina turned around and saw Amphitrite and right beside her, there’s another creature who looks exactly like them two. Sicarius. For the truth to be told, Sicarius felt an instant deep connection with Elina, almost like she can hear Elina’s thoughts.

– Your body is now more resistant to temperature changes, completely immune to toxics, even stronger and much more flexible, increased ability to jump and speed as well! Not only that.. You can self-heal in no time and take a look at your blades! They are thermal blades now that pop in and out of your arms and can be upgraded without surgery. Yes and.. don’t worry about the mask. Not only it made your vision fully upgraded, heat, night, distant and ultraviolet vision are just some of the basic upgrades.. but it also allows you to spew your toxic saliva and infect your targets from a remarkable distance, breath underwater and pretty much stay alive in every environment. If you turn around you will see some changes on your back as well. These are poisonous spikes coming out of your flesh that will automatically shoot out when they sense any kind of threat behind you.

You are nothing like you used to. You’re so much better now. So much more. We fixed you sister!

She was a new Hybrid Assassin of Amphitrite

Elina The Hybrid Assassin - Her Death - by Argus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Shadow Assassin

Death Waiting Outside

One of the most primitive feelings of humankind is fear.

Without someone telling us, we used to fear the time when the night falls and yet we were enormously afraid of the light either is comes from the sky or the ground. Anything new could be nothing but scary. We knew better than trying to have a beast as our pet. We used to fear the deep water and the highest of places. Somehow.. we were never afraid of dying. How come?..

Fear has a special skill.. it tricks you into believing that something bad will happen even when you can’t be sure about it because you never tried. People found a way to keep themselves safe during night time by building homes. They found a way to use the light, wherever it comes from for their benefit and the community’s. We can’t be afraid of deep waters now that we found a way to sail on it or even traveling in it without keeping our breath. Now we have airplanes and submarines.. boats and ships. Now we have animals that used to be called beasts. Cats and dogs were not so cute and adorable back in the day. To sum up, there is no difficulty that we haven’t found a solution to. Such clever species.. why our youngest still fear the dark then? The deep seas and the highs? Not all children of course but a noticeable amount of them do.

We are grown ups now and we know better! The less fear you have, the best life you get. No anxiety, or any kind of mental illness. How come the earliest generation suffers from mental illnesses then? We have all figured out! When you have nothing to be afraid of, nothing can bring no harm upon you. Right? Right..

Is it though?

The problems and concern that I used to try and wrap my head around mean nothing to me now. Now we are dealing with actually problems! Fear has a face now.. a specific smell.. a mind of its own.. a pattern. One more of our natural fears is the loud and sudden noises. No matter how brave you think you are, when you hear gunfires, your heart will stop for a second or two. You see, our mind is trying to keep us safe by sending signals throughout our body that danger is near.

Our evolution caused the addition of infinite fears.

Fear of dying, failure, loneliness, rejection, other people’s opinions on your life choices and the list never seems to end. We end up having millions of reasons to be scared, therefor deeply unhappy and in order to keep our children safe from the same unbearable feeling.. instead of working on ourselves to find the very roots of our problems, we burden them with them. Is it really the only way we can help them? To share with them our biggest fears? Will this help them escape the feeling or the possible bad outcome of a similar situation?

In our life, we never stopped speaking ways out of trouble and problems. Eliminating the dangers, we succeeded to have lees to fear from the outside but the human’s mind is way more complicated than that. We are problem solvers, we are fixers, builders, hunters.. and we chose to live without the basic functions. By making these decisions the fear couldn’t come from outside so we turned inside and we found traumas, wounds, scars in our souls and minds. Turn the lights on in a room is easy, try and do that in your deepest bits in you. What keeps you awake at night? Its not the wolf that’s howling.. its not the bear that smelled your food.. is it the fear of losing someone? Or is it still what happened in second grade? Or maybe, what your parents think of you.. or what’s wrong with you and they all leave you.

We hide in underground shelters, caves and abandoned houses so they can’t find us. We are looking for a way to keep them away from us so we can survive another day todo the exact same thing. You know what keeps me awake last night? The ‘I love you” I should have said when I could and instead, I chose not to and that is something that truly hunts me day and night but it also keeps me alive. Another day.. another opportunity. We can never know what is going to happen the next minute. No relaxation at night time, no resting. All day, every day.. fighting for our survival. Now there is no more slackness, just death waiting outside. We can’t possibly know what might come through the shadows.. and if the shadow is the last thing our eyes will come across.

If we are lucky Elina will not come in our shelter. Keep in mind that it’s not the same Elina any more. She is far from the Director’s obedient pet. Elina has been upgraded, changed, evolved. Her death had a greater impact than we thought it would. I don’t have many informations about her yet but i’ll tell you this much.. you don’t won’t to come across her. Ever. I named her Shadow Assassin just to keep the right truck in her story. I wish I knew back then, how things would turn out today so I wouldn’t pick her.. I wouldn’t change her.. once again, we were condemned.

Elina - Shadow Assassin by Argus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian