Phase 02: Assassins Era

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The virus targets our brain making humans lose their mind.

Hunters in the name of the Sufferers. The elite created the Assassins to decimate hunters. It took some time for the human-weapons to realise who is to blame so they turned against their creators.

Humans are now outnumbered and in danger from every direction. The assassins are in charge now practising what they’ve been learning from their creators on them.

Imagine being held captive and mistreated in the most awful ways and then finally.. you have the chance to return the favour.

Hunters in the name of the Sufferers. The elite created the Assassins to decimate hunters. It took some time for the human-weapons to realise who is to blame so they turned against their creators.

Humans are now outnumbered and in danger from every direction. The assassins are in charge now practising what they’ve been learning from their creators on them.

Imagine being held captive and mistreated in the most awful ways and then finally.. you have the chance to return the favour.

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The Ultrasonic Assassin

Whispers are heard in the underwater facility, in Baltic Sea.

“They are afraid of us, that’s why the Director created him. He’s strong..’’
“I know.. We need him for us. It’s the Director’s mind against ours now. It really had to come to that? We should be even more careful now. I hear that Aeacus is near enough”
“Yes. He’s only a breath away, as it seems. We could use a ground killer…”
“Amphitrite is already making her clone, an even more powerful than her even. She knows what to do.’’
“I think the clone is ready actually.”
“Oh is it? So where is Amphitrite then?”

She is looking at her latest creation, proudly.

“The name is Sicarius.” She said once she entered the room where her followers were gathered.
“How does she work?”
“Is she stronger than Aeacus?”

“Let’s hope that she is.. Sicarius as we all know is a mutant hybrid assassin and I gave her this name from a venomous spider. She has not only my D.N.A. and my abilities, but also increased speed from a Mantis, ultrasonic sound ability making their victims explode from inside from the vibrations, ability to control nearby atoms by producing sound waves, toxic skin from an Poison Arrow Frog (Dendrobetidae), nearly invisible tentacles with a lethal poison from a sea wasp (Chironex Fleckeri) and many more abilities. Let’s hope she can beat him”

Sicarius is ready to go and fight Director’s Cyber Assassins and especially Aeacus who was killing everything and collecting samples. Amphitrite needs him to take all the prototype weapons and technology applied on him. She wanted her people to evolve too..

Amphitrite send Sicarius out to find Aeacus who had stopped to nothing. Killing and taking samples as if hunters are not even a problem. He is truly unstoppable. Not only hunters but Amphitrite’s creations would die in his hands. He opens them up like freaking cans and then takes the samples he needs to give them back to Director. He already had gathered a massive amount of them.. if these informations reach the Director’s office, Amphitrite’s creations and followers are doomed. Sicarius is their only hope.

And she found him.. hunting in Neustadt near Strand am Grillendamm. She was watching him from the water.

Aeacus is not stupid. He can see and even sense that someone is watching him and trust me when I say.. he was prepared. Focusing on the waters, getting his weapons ready, completely still.. like he was frozen.. observing.. steady.. ready..

Next thing he sees is his own body, only headless now, falling on it’s knees and then on the ground. Aeacus made his last buzzing sound after that and then nothing. Silence.

Sicarius won. She killed Aeacus and took all his advanced weaponry plus samples of his body, back to Amphitrite. They are now ready to create their new, more advanced Assassins with more cyber characteristics, so new experiments started. Earth was flooded with hunters searching for humans to eat and each generation was stronger than the previous.. humans is no longer the main character in this story.

Sicarius: The ultrasonic assassin by Agrus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Elina The Hybrid Assassin

Her Death

The blood is still fresh, you can literally smell death around you in every room you walk in.

The facility is under attack and the attacker is obviously more capable than they thought. Some screams here and there, from a distance, that later faded abruptly after the sounds of broken shores and skulls. Dead bodies everywhere, some still shaking with open eyes.. Not a single doctor, scavenger, investigator, experiments alive.

Elina, loyal to the director since the beginning tried to stop her. She is only just a girl, anyway! What harm can she bring upon such powerful being? Elina’s blades are on the floor, soaked in blood and her head is slipping slowly down her shoulders. Elina collapsed in frond of the girl. She is finally dead..

Rebirth program – Hybrid Assassin

It’s been years since the last time anyone saw Elina.

You would think that a scientist would take her body to keep it safe somewhere. Not too far from the truth, I must say. Days passed by, weeks, months.. Elina opened her eyes and first thing she notices, besides the fact that she is still alive, is the place around her. The air hits differently, her body feels different.. and if you want to take a look in her mind I will tell you what you would see.Confusion, images from her death plus her past life.. dancing, love, the eyes of her killer then hate towards men, humans in general, the satisfaction of her first killing. It all happened so quickly. Her brain is messed up right now. Elina tried to get up on her feet to take a look in the mirror that was in her room.

Look at that! A faultless body, all white and clean. Her face is hidden tho, under a mask that’s connected to wires going in her whole body. She tried to remove it but it didn’t work. The mask is completely attached to her face. There is no way, it’s coming off.

– Welcome back little sister! We felt your death and brought you back here. For now on, this is your home, where you belong.

The voice comes from the corner. Elina turned around and saw Amphitrite and right beside her, there’s another creature who looks exactly like them two. Sicarius. For the truth to be told, Sicarius felt an instant deep connection with Elina, almost like she can hear Elina’s thoughts.

– Your body is now more resistant to temperature changes, completely immune to toxics, even stronger and much more flexible, increased ability to jump and speed as well! Not only that.. You can self-heal in no time and take a look at your blades! They are thermal blades now that pop in and out of your arms and can be upgraded without surgery. Yes and.. don’t worry about the mask. Not only it made your vision fully upgraded, heat, night, distant and ultraviolet vision are just some of the basic upgrades.. but it also allows you to spew your toxic saliva and infect your targets from a remarkable distance, breath underwater and pretty much stay alive in every environment. If you turn around you will see some changes on your back as well. These are poisonous spikes coming out of your flesh that will automatically shoot out when they sense any kind of threat behind you.

You are nothing like you used to. You’re so much better now. So much more. We fixed you sister!

She was a new Hybrid Assassin of Amphitrite

Elina The Hybrid Assassin - Her Death - by Argus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Elina – Shadow Assassin

People are screaming, crying on the streets

One of the most primitive feelings of humankind is fear.

Without someone telling us, we used to fear the time when the night falls and yet we were enormously afraid of the light either is comes from the sky or the ground. Anything new could be nothing but scary. We knew better than trying to have a beast as our pet. We used to fear the deep water and the highest of places. Somehow.. we were never afraid of dying. How come?..

Fear has a special skill.. it tricks you into believing that something bad will happen even when you can’t be sure about it because you never tried. People found a way to keep themselves safe during night time by building homes. They found a way to use the light, wherever it comes from for their benefit and the community’s. We can’t be afraid of deep waters now that we found a way to sail on it or even traveling in it without keeping our breath. Now we have airplanes and submarines.. boats and ships. Now we have animals that used to be called beasts. Cats and dogs were not so cute and adorable back in the day. To sum up, there is no difficulty that we haven’t found a solution to. Such clever species.. why our youngest still fear the dark then? The deep seas and the highs? Not all children of course but a noticeable amount of them do.

We are grown ups now and we know better! The less fear you have, the best life you get. No anxiety, or any kind of mental illness. How come the earliest generation suffers from mental illnesses then? We have all figured out! When you have nothing to be afraid of, nothing can bring no harm upon you. Right? Right..

Is it though?

The problems and concern that I used to try and wrap my head around mean nothing to me now. Now we are dealing with actually problems! Fear has a face now.. a specific smell.. a mind of its own.. a pattern. One more of our natural fears is the loud and sudden noises. No matter how brave you think you are, when you hear gunfires, your heart will stop for a second or two. You see, our mind is trying to keep us safe by sending signals throughout our body that danger is near.

Our evolution caused the addition of infinite fears.

Fear of dying, failure, loneliness, rejection, other people’s opinions on your life choices and the list never seems to end. We end up having millions of reasons to be scared, therefor deeply unhappy and in order to keep our children safe from the same unbearable feeling.. instead of working on ourselves to find the very roots of our problems, we burden them with them. Is it really the only way we can help them? To share with them our biggest fears? Will this help them escape the feeling or the possible bad outcome of a similar situation?

In our life, we never stopped speaking ways out of trouble and problems. Eliminating the dangers, we succeeded to have lees to fear from the outside but the human’s mind is way more complicated than that. We are problem solvers, we are fixers, builders, hunters.. and we chose to live without the basic functions. By making these decisions the fear couldn’t come from outside so we turned inside and we found traumas, wounds, scars in our souls and minds. Turn the lights on in a room is easy, try and do that in your deepest bits in you. What keeps you awake at night? Its not the wolf that’s howling.. its not the bear that smelled your food.. is it the fear of losing someone? Or is it still what happened in second grade? Or maybe, what your parents think of you.. or what’s wrong with you and they all leave you.

We hide in underground shelters, caves and abandoned houses so they can’t find us. We are looking for a way to keep them away from us so we can survive another day todo the exact same thing. You know what keeps me awake last night? The ‘I love you” I should have said when I could and instead, I chose not to and that is something that truly hunts me day and night but it also keeps me alive. Another day.. another opportunity. We can never know what is going to happen the next minute. No relaxation at night time, no resting. All day, every day.. fighting for our survival. Now there is no more slackness, just death waiting outside. We can’t possibly know what might come through the shadows.. and if the shadow is the last thing our eyes will come across.

If we are lucky Elina will not come in our shelter. Keep in mind that it’s not the same Elina any more. She is far from the Director’s obedient pet. Elina has been upgraded, changed, evolved. Her death had a greater impact than we thought it would. I don’t have many informations about her yet but i’ll tell you this much.. you don’t won’t to come across her. Ever. I named her Shadow Assassin just to keep the right truck in her story. I wish I knew back then, how things would turn out today so I wouldn’t pick her.. I wouldn’t change her.. once again, we were condemned.

Elina - Shadow Assassin by Argus Dorian

Model @kohona_felis

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian


Her new creation

Mothers’s corpses.. embryos.. unsuccessful experiments were not to be wasted.

They were all mashed and given to the new experiments as food. The Director always finds a way to use whatever she can for her advance. Especially now that she has finally succeeded to make the very first predator out of scratch, the new embryo dead experiment.

The world outside the shelter remains as it is. Dark, rotted and even more scary than the day before. Shadows of impoverished people are now hiding behind the ruins of a formal society. What once was bursting with life is now a gigantic graveyard. Whoever made it till today and is still alive, just as myself, I’m sure brings back in mind their past life. We all had dreams and goals to go for and achieve and now we are all the same. Scared and unsafe. We are trying to survive for just a bit longer.. another day, hour.. second.

Some are fighters and I give them that. Some are wounded and in no position to fight either to defend themselves or to protect others. Many of them feel useless while others have found the ultimate goal in their life, to protect. These I am most envy for. They found courage and strength for the ones they love. They found ways and plans and guns and means to fight back. To be completely honest with you, I’m not sure quite yet on which category I might be.

From the moment we wake up till the time we go to sleep, if we are lucky enough to actually have such luxury, we must be aware and always on edge just to make sure that their is no hunter outside our doorstep. The craziest thing is that you can’t even trust the ones you staying with anymore. You can never tell if someone got infected or not.

People saw an assassin watching a group of hunters, looking for the perfect opportunity to attack. They did nothing of course. Just stayed there admiring this biomechanics creature of distance.

Her eyes were piercing her target, her weapons ready to fire. I think that this assassin might need the hunters to get the samples to Amphitrite. From all I gathered, Amphitrite needs samples to expand her skills and knowledge. The assassin was not alone tho. A predator came from behind her, staring at her. Damn, the predator has no eyes. That’s what my people told me anyway.

The assassin felt its presence and turned around. Predator’s hands filled instantly with blades from inside out and the Assassin attacked on a heartbeat. The fight didn’t last long. She stand no chance against him anyway but she didn’t know. After he cut her in half, took her head as trophy. Rumours say that his name is Bone Collector, chief on a new Predator’s squad that is hunting down the assassins that turned against the Director. To summarise.. a new war begun.

Please, help us!

Predators - Her new creations by Argus Dorian

Model: Marco Hoppner @marco_bjolfurson

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Viviparity of the Hunters

We are fucked!

Until now, we thought that hunters were just infected people who turn into beasts hunting us down, torturing us till we are no more, simply because this made them happy for some reason.

What we didn’t know and we just came across to is that hunters can procreate, unlike our saviours.. the assassins. Can you imagine that? The ones who fight for us can only be made by human’s hand and our enemies can multiply by themselves.

First question that comes to mind

I mean, how two beasts that only know murder and hunting can feel the need to create life?

Evolution plays its mystery real once more. Not only they kept the ability and the instincts of us humans but they now possess abilities taken from animals. We still have no idea who this can happen. We do assume that by eating the assassins, the hunters somehow stole parts of their DNA that’s combined with animal DNA and here we are now.. soon enough, outnumbered. We used animal’s DNA, I remember to make our assassins stronger. We never thought that this would actually backfire like this.

Hunters are now on the top of the food chain. They live everywhere, multiplying and know how to adjust to their environment to keep on making babies! I’d never thought I would actually say this one day. We’ve seen them spitting their venom as some kind of marking their territory and if you accidentally touch it with bare skin, get ready to join them in a matter of hours.

Would you like to hear something even scarier?

They lay eggs!

They literally push out dozens of eggs each time and this is their revolution! They carry their eggs on their spine just like spiders do plus the babies have the ability to grown on their own. No support is needed from the parents after few weeks! Not like us humans.. we need our parents to survive. Without them, as babies, we would have no hope to survive.

It feels like our planet is no longer ours anymore. They have it. They stole it. Which makes me wonder.. was it ever ours to begin with? Since when we developed this stupid theory on which we stood by all these years, that earth is ours to play with. Maybe our downfall was not only predictable and obvious but also necessary beyond words. We are not the superiors anymore and maybe we never had this position in the first place.

Think about it for a minute. Think about how vulnerable we truly are, how fragile. We need all that we made to protect ourselves from beasts and cold. The hunters need none of them to survive. Nothing. They use what they can but they don’t need them. I bet you can now count at least 10 animals stronger, faster or even larger than us. The difference between us and these animals is that they can adjust in their environment. We need to make stuff in order to survive, not thrive. Just for surviving.. maybe we are the strangers here.

After all, we tried to play gods and see where it got us. At this point, I think it is safe to say that we are now officially fucked.

Viviparity of the Hunters, we are fucked! By Argus Dorian

Model: @the.victoria.rose

Photographer: @bruce_stirling_john_knox

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Infected Assassins – BioHunters

A new player in town…

Last time Ι wrote about the hunters and how they developed the ability to copy some of their characteristics by feeding on the Assassins and now I will write about how the Assassins copied with it. Some of the Assassins actually managed to survive such fate, of course ending up heavily injured, but at least not dead. So, as we already know, the assassins are based on human DNA and that makes them able to transform in some ways as well which makes things worst. Yes they are more durable than us, better in every way possible but the truth is that they are still humans, just a much better version of us. When a hunter gets an assassin infected or seriously injured, the assassin turns into a hunter. Scarier of course. More lethal and dangerous than a simple hunter. Here, we call them bio-hunters. There are two options now. If there’s another assassin in the area, she must destroy once and for all the injured one. Otherwise, the failed assassin will come back as bio hunter against assassins and hunters and humans as well. We are all lost cause. There’s no hope for us. Day by day, things are getting worst than the day before. Now you are our only chance! Your only chance! We lost the game..but you still have some time to fix it! I wouldn’t be guided to write any of this down if there was no higher purpose. I would never have met Him. He wouldn’t give me this box and the images and the facts and the informations and these weird dreams! We are no longer welcome on this planet. I said it once, i’ll say it us!!!

Assassins are now against a greater threat. This new kind of evil needs to be stopped. They may not have the ability to bring life but the assassins are way too smart and that is the key to the win! Clones are an easy task to build by the assassins. The only problem now is that if the clone gets would turn against them like the others. Let’s face it..assassins are outnumbered and that is because the hunters hunt in packs. It is very hard to find one alone now days. The Assassins need to come up with something unique..powerful and trustworthy. A creature so strong and loyal that it would be impossible to fall in battle. It’s the first time, and for that I’m sure, that Amphitrite gets to know how fear and threat really feels like.

On the other hand, the Director is watching her creations being destroyed one after another and becoming BioHunters. She knows that these creatures are more than capable to completely ruin and destroy every last one of the bases and the facilities that are still standing. Not too many of them working anyway, as far as I know. Most of them fall and everyone, and I mean everyone, in there met their fate in the most horrible way. It is just a matter of time for the whole facility to turn into a battlefield with zero survivors in it. Maybe it is time for the screams of the experiments to be replaced by the dead silence.

Fortunately, he protects me from any harm. They can’t see me or feel me when I’m around, and by ‘them’ I mean the enemies. My people see me just fine. Enough with my situation here. I must finish with this report. I must feel and see everything so you will get to have evidence of your future. It sounds so strange to me when I say that. Even now..after so sounds..unnatural. that’s ironic if you think about it. There’s nothing natural around us anymore, which is why I need to make you believe! Stop scrolling day and night..turn off your tv’s. They have nothing important to show you! They are all lying! Try and see the world through my eyes. Walk among them even and think..just for a moment.. what if I’m right? What if everything you think you know today doesn’t apply to reality the next day? Think..please take some time and that the future you want? Are you even alive? Don’t tell me you think you’re free!? What is your plan of the future? Im done for tonight. I don’t want you to think that I’m excess.. I can’t afford to use you. Not now..not now that we are getting closer to the truth together.. I hope you unplug yourself soon.

Model: @killian_hollow

Photographer Roberto @foto_rgr

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

The Insanity of Decaydead Hunters

Hunters are the biggest fear on earth…

Let us think together.. whats our true nature as humans?

Since the beginning of time, we developed the survival instinct, living in this inhospitable and dangerous planet, encountering many threats along the way. Our only weapon was and still is.. our mind.

Throughout centuries, we managed to become the dominant species. We expanded to every corner, having no respect towards nature and it’s harmony, it’s balance.. we had won the greatest war in history against what made us in the first place. Little did we know.. violence granted us victory against civilisations, habitats, lands and seas. Please don’t even try to stay out of it or to tell me that this is not what happened. Investigating an unknown area to gather informations about it and learn from it so we can share knowledge to make everyone’s life better is a totally different thing than predominate the area and kill everything and everyone who dares living there.

Sometimes, I find myself thinking about why we are who we are. How can every other animal live in peace with the rest and we just cannot? Is it in our nature to be like this? Killers and destroyers? Is it just instincts or is it imprinted in our DNA?

When the virus stricken the whole didn’t change us into monsters. I’m afraid that it just revealed our true nature..

Humans hide their anger, they true self deep inside them every single day behind an innocent face.. we see smiles and good looking people but behind there is a beast who kills, tortures, rapes, hates.. the virus show their true nature and now they hunt their prays, enjoy killing them, don’t feel pain and feed on their blood.

Hunters are the very embodiment of range, hate, hunger, evil.. they grow to be smarter, more aggressive and of course.. sadistic. They now hunt in packs in many original ways, I dare to say. They have the ability to mimic human voices in order to trap their victims. Hunters enjoy to make their pray suffer, cutting human parts or eating them while the victim is still alive. They feel pain but not in the painful way but in an enjoyable way. Even if you cut them they start licking their own blood and laugh hysterically causing you more fear. Hunters are the biggest fear on earth…

I wonder how can we ever stop them? We have no hope actually. That’s the conclusion that my mind comes about. We are officially the lower link of the food chain. Assassins may have a chance to survive.. considering their evolution, but to be completely honest with you, I really don’t know when or if this nightmare will ever end. I have no more informations..just the things that He shares with me and my purple velvet box.

The Insanity of Decaydead Hunters_by Argus Dorian_Decaydead

Model: @medusa_stoner

Photographer: @carlosther 

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

What the fuck is happening with us?

Everything is a lie

Humanity was once the only thing that makes us different from animals. Dignity, respect, appreciation.. some of our many virtues. When exactly did we lose them or perhaps who said that we ever had them? On which part of human history can be proved that we were once worthy of having a great future after all? I’m being punished, I suppose, for my personal faults and lusts. Being able to see what they see through their eyes or feel how they feel is much more scarier and disturbing than you might think.

In my possession, this purple box. He said that its a useful tool for me to get the information that I need in order to help in anyway I see fit. He trusted me with humanity’s future. Why me? Why did He chose me? I’m not the smartest or the fastest or the biggest. Few years ago, I could only find comfort in my lab and that’s about it.

Now my mind is full of anger and pain and rage and death. As I said, these are not only my emotions.. I feel what they feel which can be super weird. For example, I keep on seeing a woman, a different one every time, laying on a soft bed.. completely naked, waiting for a lover (ANY LOVER WILL FUCK HER APPARENTLY THE SAME WAY SO WHO CARES IF ITS HER LOVER OR NOT! IT COULD BE A STRANGER TOO!!!!) the sun touches her body and warms her up a bit. I don’t see a face, because that irrelevant. It’s not a person that He wants to show me. It’s a fact, a situation that keeps on happening in the facilities. I can feel her agony right before he gets on top of her and when the action takes place, the woman feels happy and fulfilled. She feels like she’s home. But that’s so far from the truth that I can’t stand it!

They all feel the same, every single one of them think that they are making love with their lovers but the truth is that they are indeed naked, indeed laying on a bed but its not their lover that’s on top of them.

It’s a rusted machinery! In reality they can’t make a move. The drugs are too strong you see. Ready to obey to every command, not being able to think for themselves anymore. They hallucinating while at the same time machines and cables are connected to their genitals implanting the Director’s new experiments. She is standing behind the window watching the operation as always.

What happens to those who get infected or are unable to complete the task, you may ask.. well.. some people throw the dead or sick bodies to a room where they get them ready for liquefaction so none of their necessary components gets wasted. Literally feeding them through pipes to the living ones. This operation room is full of women of all ages, shapes and colors. Dozens of females who can reproduce.. each one carrying their barcode, are not humans anymore. Not for the director or the doctors. They are just meat sacks which are used to feed and grow inside them the new experiments. Director’s children as I heard someone calling them. The women who are still there, living in their own fantasy, are seeing the life they never had or ever will have. They live in an endless dream.. raising children with their loved ones.

Mechanical Birth_by Argus Dorian


Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Is there any hope for us?

Human Evolution.. or Devolution?

We live in a nightmare that seems to never end. Staying hidden in ruined shelters, in sewers, in underground makeshift communities doesn’t mean we are safe. It’s just a matter of time till the hunters find us.

On the other hand, the government and their whole clan couldn’t be safer. All these rich people you see on tv now, are all still alive using us as their soldiers on first line. We may not be strong enough to kill the hunters but I suppose we can buy some time for them to survive. I wonder how they sleep at night. How can they sleep while knowing of the sacrifices that take place outside their heavily protected shelters. They know we won’t make it and they couldn’t care less.

Oh how much I hate them.. our families are dying day after day. Every hope is gone. We only try to survive for a bit longer, till there is none of us left. I’d like to see the government then..because you know what they say. A king without subjects is a king no longer. They now claim that they’re trying to make a cure for us.. lies. If they even find a cure, they will keep it for themselves. Only if they feel generous enough, they might sell it to other rich people. Money still rules after all.

No matter the experiments that took place on human beings. No matter the catastrophe we caused on nature.. we still haven’t learnt our lesson. Thousands of people died and families never got to say goodbye, to bury their dead. We never got closure and we shall have our revenge. Once the hunters reigned on earth, we have been trying to find a way to either protect ourselves or attack. Let’s face it.. we lack elite’s technology, so we can only depend on what we find on dead bodies are left to rot in old camps.

Nevertheless, we have built improvised uniforms and masks to be able to go out in search of food, supplies and even survivors. It’s not easy. Whenever we choose a searching team, we are quite curtain that less than half of them will return to the base. The process is actually simple. We gather around a fire and we chose who is next to go, knowing that he or she might never come back..or worst. Our survival instinct is the only thing that keeps us going, this and our families, if we have left with any. Now is the time to show to mercy, no fear, no weakness. When your child is hungry.. you have no choice but to feed it. That’s what parenting is really all about. Sacrificing yourself, keeping your child safe and healthy at any cost.

We don’t do it for us. We do it for these children. It’s not them to blame for our mistakes. They are innocent, pure.. there are so many thing id like to say to her. If only I could see her for one last time. Kiss them now, hug them now..tell them you love them now, play with them now.. Take care of them now, prepare them now, keep them safe now.. now that you still have time.


Model: @erinsj11

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Rotten puppets…

We tried! We got out there and we got slaughtered!

At first, we won a few battles with these monsters.. at least some of our people would come back! Now! Now they all die!

The greatest searchers here say that is it because the ground is so contaminated with the toxic saliva and the hunters’s blood that the moment you touch, it is the last moment of you being human! The infected are attacking the rest of the team! We are in danger! Now more than ever.. we are doomed. In every corner there is something waiting for you to fall into a trap, or do the wrong thing to get you! And the craziest part is that the hunters’s newborns are keep on multiplying day by day!

Assassins that are not with our side anymore waiting on top of buildings to attack you when you least expect it and of course the most dangerous specιes out there are your own people who are crying out for help while they have already turned into hunters who just set a trap for you!

I still remember the first time this happened in front of my own eyes. The first time I saw someone I knew turning into a hunter. Back then we were not paying attention to the news, to the warnings. We didn’t believe in the virus’s outbreaks and had absolutely no idea of what’s coming next. We didn’t really care. We used to hear the incidents on the News and say it won’t reach us.. exaggerations.. just another show to watch.. sold journalists.. we would change the channel to watch football instead.

I remember wearing up early in the morning to the barking of my neighbour’s dog. I put my mask on because my phone alerted me of the high infection levels that day, looked outside my window and I saw Monika, the dog’s owner. I opened my window and shouted her name. She didn’t even looked at me. Her eyes were locked on her dog, in silence.. until she grabbed it so fast from its neck and ripped it apart. The little dog was screaming for help in agony. I could almost feel its pain through my bones. Monika literally feasted on its body, covering her face in its blood. Three of the dog’s legs were attached to its body no more, the other one was shaking. This woman was gripping its insides so tightly as if she was extremely hungry. Then it hit me. I shut the window hard and bent down so she couldn’t see me. My curiosity wouldn’t let me stay there hidden for much longer. I had to look and I still regret it!

I stood up a bit, just until the height of my eyes was a little past the window. I was terrified. She locked eyes with me.. these were not Monika’s eyes tho. This creature that looked exactly like her, has black eyes. Blood was running down her face.. she wasn’t Monika. Not anymore. She threw her mask on the ground and run towards the park where I lost her. The first thoughts in my mind was something between what just happened and am I going to die? I thought about calling the police but there was no power in my home. Tried to turn on the tv, still nothing. I looked around and that when I first saw it. The purple velvet box, right next to my bed.

If only I knew back then that this box would change my life forever.

Rotten puppets_by Argus Dorian


Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian

Varis – The Archangel of Death

I’m currently in Aquantics Center, Tokyo.

Its late at night. Not a soul around here..nobody except the snipers on the roofs. 16 of them, heavily armed and well camouflaged. I see their heat trail still, no matter how hard they try to hide it in their uniforms. I caught myself thinking about how they could die. I’ve seen it many times before. Nobody is safe after all! As I walk down the street I feel as if something pushed me a bit aside but I didn’t see anything. Like a ghost running right besides me! Suddenly, the snipers fall down one after the other. The trail becomes cold blue..a sign of death. I laugh and approach the building, the entrance. There are two machine guns, easy stuff.. I just look at them and diagrams, codes, all the functions of the machine appear before my eyes as I enter the system and reprogram it remotely so they now they protect me.

I easily open the double metal security door using the same system and enter the building. A long corridor full with soldiers looking at me, pointing their weapons at my direction. They must be joking, right? The machine guns turn on them killing these little people in seconds.. Bullets everywhere.. no sound was made. No sound but their screams mixed with my laughter.
It was a matter of time before the corridor is covered in blood, bodies torn apart, some still writhing begging for help and mercy, but I don’t feel a thing. I just finish them right there. What a beautiful mom would say ‘its such a mess! Clean it up!’ It matters not! Wherever I look, I can only spot bits of human flesh scattered all over the place. Wonderful decoration..too bad they will just get eaten by animals or hunters. We will deal with them later tho! Look at this skull there! So pretty! This is a work of art, indeed. I knew I should have become an artist! I was really good with pastels since young age!

I have to do deeper in order to find it. This is my mission. she was very clear about it. Amphitrite gave me every information that I needed. Its in there, I’m sure of it!

Whoever comes against me, should have known better! Now I’m quite qualified to deal with my enemies. Finally.. I have my blades now! Have you ever tasted blood from a blade? Its funny how similar these two different things taste.. both like iron! Just in case I’m the only one that knows this fact, it is my responsibility to share it with others as their last lesson on this earth!..I need to kiss them right on their lips to teach them this valuable lesson! Maybe next time humans will know better and not combine iron with people! They are so funny tho! Running either towards me or away from me. I got to admit..those who try to fight me gained a bit of my respect. Too bad they will all end up on the ground.. just look at them! How cute they are trying to climb the call elevators.. or help. No no no sir… I was once in your position. I was screaming for help and nobody came with it. Nobody cares..nobody cares..nobody cares..

Oh there we go! The labs! Scientists..doctors..blah blah blah.. easy pray! Come on! I thought Amphitrite would trust me with something a bit challenging! That’s like a long walk on the beach! No resistance, sweeties? Really? You’ll just give up? Come on! Give me a fight to think about at night! Is that a vaccine? Will it turn me blue? Will it turn YOU blue? Let’s test it on you, love! Oops..sorry! Wrong vein? No vein at all? Oh was that a bone? Sorry, love. I am no scientist you see!

Enough fun..lets get some work done! Alright..there we have the computers. Logged in, surveys downloaded, secret experiments.. ‘secret’..really now? We all know bitch! They all know! All Director’s files are right here. Successful or not. Drafts, ideas, researches..everything. amphitrite will be so proud of me! We can finally go for stage two now! Okay, done! Oh where are my manners? Was I raised by wolves? How could I forget to bring a gift once I entered!? Never mind, I have on here! Sadly, it is one of my favourites.. anyway. Hope you enjoy!
Im out!

Is that explosion? And another one? And another one? Wow..the whole building goes up in flames..thats good. It’s a bit chilli outside. I’m sure they will thank me later! Ungrateful little worms! Thank me! Thank me for saving you from the hunters!

Its sad really, if you think about it..i’m only obey to the orders. I didn’t choose to cause this mess! Or did I? Why do I feel the need to cry? Is this what happens and fulfilment feels like? I can’t keep my eyes open..

Woke up sweaty, my breath is heavy and I feel intense anxiety! It was a dream..was I dreaming?? That means I was sleeping.. on my desk? Holding a pen? That doesn’t make any sense! I need to record it and write it down! Oh..I already did.. what’s happening? Am I loosing my mind?


Model @varisvarjo

Design by Argus Dorian | Dark Cyberpunk Artist
Story by Revna Dorian & Argus Dorian

© Decaydead | Argus Dorian