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Everyone has a dark side which he never shows to anybody so…

let’s get in touch. Darkness United!

A little history about me

Since I remember myself, I was passioned with dark art and illustrations. When I saw the first Alien movie and The Wall from Pink Floyd as a kid, I was amazed by the design, the dark atmosphere, the emotions and feelings they gave me. Those movies were my motivation to research about Giger and his art, about dark animation and illustration, the symbolism in dark art and how an image can change your way of thinking and trigger your emotions. I discover many dark artists but my biggest inspiration came from Dave McKean and Luis Royo.

Now, I’m working with models from all over the world providing professional manipulation services and designs in a futuristic, post apocalyptic style. Find more at my interviews here >>

Argus Dorian
Argus DorianDark Artist / Illustrator
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