About Argus Dorian

Since I remember myself, I was passioned with dark art and illustrations. When I saw the first Alien movie and The Wall from Pink Floyd as a kid, I was amazed by the design, the dark atmosphere, the emotions and feelings they gave me. Those movies were my motivation to research about Giger and his art, about dark animation and illustration, the symbolism in art and how an image can change your way of thinking and trigger your emotions. I discover many dark artists but my biggest inspiration came from Dave McKean and Luis Royo. I want to thank them for showing me a new way of thinking. Welcome to my dark word.

What are Ghost Followers on Instagram

What are Ghost Followers and how I Remove them Hello, Im Argus Dorian and in this video I will try to explain how I remove Ghost Followers from my Instagram account. I am not an expert, but I want to help my friends, dark artists, to gain more engagement and popularity on Insta. [...]

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Illustrating The Dark Hunter

Illustrating The Dark Hunter, design by Dorian Argus Whenever I choose to design something, I start with a draft sketch made on paper or directly in photoshop. Sometimes I find some images on internet that inspire me, so I take a piece of paper and I make a draft to see how I can [...]

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We make them suffer… Experiments on animals

We make them suffer... Experiments on animals in the name of science...Ā CorporationsĀ perform and fund animal testing to make for us cosmetics, drugsĀ and other products... And we buy, consume, we don't care... we don't ask.. we don't see... We are all part of the problem cause we give them the right to subject animals to this [...]

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Making of Soon we will be born to suffer

Futuristic mechanical birth This artwork is a part of the dark art "suffer" series I made and here Ill show you some steps how I designed it step by step. First of all during the last 20 years I shot over 30.000 photos of various textures of all kind that I use for all my [...]

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Making my designs

Most of my artwork start from a simple sketch. Drawing by hand is much better than making something right away in photoshop. Everything looks better when the background is handmade! Then I paint it in photoshop adding various textures using my own photos andĀ paintings. This one is made forĀ my favorite artist Lisa Jablonski. [...]

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Decaydead Logo Origin

The origin of decaydead logo came from the time I went to high school and I formed an metal band called "Decay Senses". I loved this name and since then I kept it and most of my designs are around that title. Most of my designs are dark and refers to death, decay, grotesque stuff [...]

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