High quality manipulation Services for Models and Professionals

Informations are also for those who are interested in professional services like album covers, book covers, posters, etc.

Hello my Decaydead friend,

The best for a project together would be to meet and arrange a photoshooting (model, photographer and me) but since this is impossible (for now), we can do that:

Shoot with a high resolution camera (DSLR), some poses in a post apocalyptic style, depending on what you want to be (assassin, hunter, toxic person, polluted mutant, cyborg experiment, human experiment, etc, check my instagram gallery to see examples from other models). Use a natural background with clothes and hair style, that fits the project. The lighting play a huge role, so try to make it as good as possible.

If you have your own photographer talk with her/him, explain him the idea and if you want help, here I am. The best the photos, the best the manipulation result in the end! Give me resolution and I make a Revolution!

Shoot a lot of photos and I’ll choose the best and manipulate it. Check my last posts here, my target is to make something unique and outstanding, so the level is high and I need professional modelling photos. (low resolution photos are not accepted and its a waste of time and money, check price list below).

If you want help with the poses I can send you some ideas or we can talk about it. Add me on Facebook here and chat with me, or on Instagram here. Also before shooting you can send me a sample so I’ll tell you if the lighting and resolution are good or not and what to correct or change.

You know my style, so consider that the result can be gore or sexual.

Models: Guidelines / Ideas

  • Experiments on humans

It starts in a dark place but then the environment changes and all experiments are made in a laboratory. So what I need my models: I need poses that express pain and suffering (for the first part of the chapter that people suffer) and then poses with cold look and expression.

This set is better to be shot in a dark environment and make some experiments with lighting. You can shoot full body but also close ups, so feel free to experiment. This set involves pain, so show it. Don’t touch your mouth because I will probably add a mask there or pipes and cables, blood, liquids, etc.

The background is better to be a wall and not a lot of things because I will cut you out and it’s hard with hair. Model clothes: dirty, dark, with holes if you have, imagine yourself there. Hair: not from hairdresser!! Leave them like you woke up in the morning lol.

  • Experiments in a advanced lab

So all the shoots have to be in good lighting and with white background. There you can make a variety of expressions. Imagine that they are transforming you into something else and you are unconscious. No facial expressions. They cut you in pieces and transforming you into something else. Model clothes: same as above or nude.

  • Hunters

They are basically humans with animal instincts. People who got crazy from the virus and kill for fun. Hunt, torture their victims, play with them till death, enjoy their pain and fear. They like to hurt themselves and they don’t feel pain. So imagine a pose with animal style, licking your victim, enjoying killing him, full of blood, evil laughter. Those manipulations will be evil and gore.

  • Grounders

Rest of people. The world as we know it has ended. You left alone and you are hunted by basically everyone. So show fear and agony for survival. Ill probably add you a gas mask, dirt, scratches, etc. You live in a toxic polluted dark world with assassins and hunters searching for you.

  • Assassins

They made us cold killers. Here pose as you want. You can pretend that you are holding a weapon, a sword, someone that you killed and I’ll add them digitally. Clothes: latex, clean, coats, imagine yourself as an assassin. You enjoy killing with style. I have a new concept with 4 kind of assassins, my models.

The new concept are 4 alternative future versions of assassins. The world is divided in 4 parts so are the assassins.

  1. The Cyber ones. Advanced high tech futuristic assassins. Cyperpunk style.
  2. Hybrid ones. Naked with implanted weapons or mutant with animal elements. Nude content.
  3. The Decaydead ones. Rotten experiments, half machines and half humans. Gore content.
  4. Biomass Assassins. Naked without skin with boned weapons. Example here.

Check my gallery here>>

  • Independent manipulation projects

We can also talk about any other manipulation idea based on your own project or idea. For example album cover, poster, t-shirt and more. Just contact me and we can talk about it. Thank you!


So as you can see I built a story with assassins, hunters and gore human experiments that lead us to a post apocalyptic chaotic future. The story behind all this is slowly build on my second Instagram account ( I would appreciate if you follow me and help this page grow too @decaydead_art ). So far I had concepts with Assassins in various poses and types (hybrid, futuristic, biomass, etc see gallery here) but I want to take this concept to a new level.

I already started building the concept of war between the American assassins leaded by Eve and the European – Asian, leaded by Elina and Blue Flame. The Eve side are those who want total world domination, are more dark, evil, rotten, use humans for violent experiments and the Blue Flame / Elina side are more futuristic, advanced and try to bring the balance with Mother Nature.

So here we have new scenes of war. Fighting poses between Assassins. You can also pose with someone in a fighting position or with an animal like the one with Eve, for example with a wild dog, snakes, whatever. Also This concept includes more violent human experiments.

More Sexy Gore Content

The next step is more gore, sexy and violent. The idea is that Assassins are mating with Hunters (beauty and the beast). Assassins (mostly females) have hard sex with Hunters and when the “job” is done, they kill him, decapitate him, stab him with her blades the very moment he “finished” his job. Basically Hunters are sex slaves of Assassins because they have strong genetic “material”. The ideas about the poses is better to discuss in private chat. On social we will have to hide some things but on website will be shown the full version.

Are you ready for the next level? Check the pricing below and contact me.

So each category has its style. Below some examples with my models

For more examples of my work visit my main profile on Instagram @ArgusDorian

Be part of the Decayed Nation Book volume 2 – Models only

I currently making the second part of my book (first you can find below or read more info here) based on my story but more detailed and gore. There will be included even darker designs and scenes that I cannot post to social. If you want to be part of this contact me and I’ll tell you what poses I need based on the story.

There are many characters so it’s a bigger project that requires more photos, more time and the best quality. Photos won’t be published and won’t be sent to you till the whole project is completed, so you will have to wait. After publishing I will send you a signed hard copy of the book. The book will be copyrighted including all images, so you won’t be able to use them without mentioning where are they from, or for any other commercial propose without contacting me first.

There is also a small contribution (fee) to help me cover production expenses such as copywriter, lawyer, printing company, copyright, etc.


Basic Price List*

*Prices can change depending the level of details, requirements of the manipulation design, propose of the design, etc. Do not hesitate to contact me here 

Per Image
I manipulate your close up photo in my unique Decaydead style
Portrait manipulation (half body)
Face editing and gore retouch
Change background or manipulate environment
You get a HD jpeg file
Featured in my Instagram / Facebook stories
Featured in my social galleries
Per Project
500 - 10K
This plan is suitable for metal bands, authors, pro models for portfolio, etc
Full body pro manipulation
Face and body pro editing and detailed retouch
Change background or manipulate environment based on the project
Custom made fonts / logo if needed to fit the project
Contract based agreement
You get a HD jpeg file and a Tiff (CMYK and RGB)
You get print ready files based on the project
Featured in my Instagram / Facebook stories
Featured in my social galleries

Contact me at on Instagram or Facebook for the package you are interested in, or for more details. 

Decaydead Terms, Read Carefully 

The property right to the design gives the designer (Argus Dorian) the right to control the use of the design he created and to determine the terms of its exploitation. In particular, the designer acquires the right to allow or prohibit at his own discretion, in particular:

  1. Distributing copies of the design to the public in any form, such as through sale or in other ways (eg sale of digital files, sale of posters, etc.)
  2. Direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, partial or total reproduction of the design, by any means and form
  3. The presentation of the design to the public in any way, such as the use of the design in an advertisement, in a book, newspaper, its incorporation in a video, photo exhibition, etc. 
  4. Prohibits any distortion, cut or other modification of his work (eg editing with photoshop, colour change, removal of the logo of designer, etc.)
  5. In each projection of the design, the model, the photographer and the designer should be clearly mentioned with the corresponding links in the social profile of his / her choice. “Designed by Argus Dorian www.decaydead.com 
  6. For any changes needed after delivering the final design, there are extra fees depending on the reason. 

Protection of the model – Designer Rights

  1. The designer (Argus Dorian) is not allowed to exhibit, sell, upload to public view, use for any reason other than the agreement, the original photographic material sent to him for editing. It will be all stored on local safe drive.
  2. The designer (Argus Dorian) can use the final design on his social media and website (www.decaydead.com), mentioning clearly the model, the photographer (and the rest of the team if any, make up artists, etc)
  3. All designs from Argus Dorian – Decaydead have his logo placed on the model and in some cases his site as a form of barcode or tattoo, always mixed well with the design elements. 

Fees for Social Media Usage

For instagram, Facebook and you tube usage the fee is $ 300 / per image and it includes full body advanced editing, detailed retouch, background editing, 3 different final colour editions, high resolution files in the right format for posting in those social media. You are not allowed to use those images for any other reason, like posters, magazines, advertisements, etc, without informing the designer and paying the corresponding fees to the designer. 

Payment via Pay Pal 50% down and the rest upon completion of the project in order to receive the high resolution files for the media. 

In case of prepayment there is a 10% discount. 

Pay Pay of Argus Dorian info@decaydead.com 

Fees for Professional Usage

Fees for professional use start from $ 500 to $ 10,000 depending on the medium, the usage and the client. In this case a separate contract is drawn up from both sides.

Due to a lot of requests from models, I cannot promise when I’ll make your design, I keep an order and I use those which suits best the storyline. So be patient 😉👍

Fill up below your info and the package you want and I’ll come in contact with you in the next 24hrs. 

Thank you for your time,

yours faithfully, 

Argus Dorian

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