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Suffering by humanity Dark Art by Argus Dorian ( photo manipulation | Dark | Gore | Bizarre Artist at )

They make us suffer…

Due our history there were many examples that humanity suffered in the hands of some “people” – “scientists” that made experiments on us… (and I am sure they still do). They try to make super humans, soldiers, control our feelings, emotions, sleep, life…

In 1907, Dr. Albert Leffingwell concluded his booklet, Illustration of Human Vivisection, with this chilling prophecy mentioned:

“At the beginning of a new century we are confronted by great problems. One of these is human vivisection in the name of scientific research. We appeal, then, to the medical press of America to beak that unfortunate silence which seems to justify or, at least, to condone it.

Now and henceforth, will it not join us in condemning every such vivisector of little children, every such experimenter upon human beings? We make this appeal to it in the name of Justice and Humanity and for the sake of millions yet unborn.”

The famous chemist, E.E. Slosson wrote on Dec. 12th,1895, in the New York Independent,

“A human life is nothing compared with a new fact in science….the aim of science is the advancement of human knowledge at any sacrifice of human life….We do not know of any higher use we can put a man to.”

This art is dedicated to the ones that play with our life..

I hope they will suffer soon too.

one solution: revolution.

This is the second image dedicated to those who try to control our lives,

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