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False God Dark Art by Argus Dorian ( photo manipulation | Dark | Gore | Bizarre Artist at )

False God

Religion is destroying and dividing our world. We, in every place in this world, have created fictional, metaphysical beliefs to explain the events of the natural world around us. Humans have forever used religion to control the masses and unfortunately they still do.

We suppose to live in a modern world now, where science can provide answers to the questions that ancient people used to rely on religion. It is beyond my understanding how people still follow ancient books and believe in an invisible man in the sky that will save them.

I am a believer in proof, and so far, religion has failed miserably to prove to me the existence of God, or that being a part of a particular club of similar minded backward thinking fools is of any value to my life. Whether religion you are, you are living in the past. You are hanging on to very old beliefs created by primitive people with limited knowledge.

I am always disgusted when I hear Christian people say they have a “personal” relationship with God. The “relationship” these good Christians refer to is a feeling created by them and their happy little fairy-tale world view that they want to live in. They want to believe that there is a God that loves them so they simply go on believing it. They fantasize their God. And they fantasize their happy, peaceful, insular world to feel safe and loved. And they fantasize their eternity in heaven through works and/or strong conviction so they have another warm happy place in the afterlife. They are afraid of the real world! They do no actions to make this world better! Religion is destroying our world!

As long as humans are living in the past, people will continue to have serious problems sharing this world with one another and the incessant violence will continue. Open your eyes! Don’t be blind!