Project Description

DYING SOULS - They let us die Vingt Cent_Dying Souls Light Art Dark Art by Argus Dorian ( photo manipulation | Dark | Gore | Bizarre Artist at Welcome to the new Dark Era )

Dying Souls

They let us die

Their new idea was to find a way to extract our mind and soul in order to make a new version of human beings. Manipulate the soul and implant it into a machine. A machine that can survive in the toxic world, but also to have an independent thinking and make decisions.

In order to achieve that They eliminated hundreds “subjects”, kids and adults. They didn’t care. They never cared for us.. only for profit and power.. only for themselves.
Humankind has no future with them under control.. Why we let them make all the decisions? Why we stay in the shadows? .

Special thanks to @twenty_cent_light for the amazing photo he sent to me!