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The Head ink handmade art version Dark Art by Argus Dorian ( photo manipulation | Dark | Gore | Bizarre Artist at )

The Head

The head is an ink painting I made and it’s one of my favourites drawings from my ink series. I wanted to make something simple and horrifying without adding digital elements, textures, blood and editing in Photoshop. Ink is a great material to play with and design great dark art because of its liquid feeling and contrast.

Here is a review about it from the artist and old friend Ninaste from Deviant Art, thank you mate!

“Alright while being a traditional artist I know something with ink ain’t that of an easy piece of cake and this definitely brings my eye of attention. I like the particular fact that the head is hung up like just in there giving it such a macabre look and actually this is a macabre and horror piece so it totally suits the terms, the lines have been worked very nicely still not abusing of the tools, I like the way the spine hangs down the head giving it a naturalistic look that always drives me nuts when I see some ink work or traditional art, the main thing I look for is creativity in the realisation of the art and this one might have come out of something like that. I also like the background used not to distract the attention from the main subject, yeah that’s pretty cool using backgrounds without many details when you want to emphasise to something.”

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