Illustrating The Dark Hunter, design by Dorian Argus

Whenever I choose to design something, I start with a draft sketch made on paper or directly in photoshop. Sometimes I find some images on internet that inspire me, so I take a piece of paper and I make a draft to see how I can make it better! I made just some lines to figure out the shape I want to illustrate and how it will look in my canvas and what I will do with it. What I will add or remove. Inspirations are everywhere and in todays world we can find a lot of information how everything is made step by step. So here are some of mine steps.

After finishing the sketch, I start to design some details like eyes, lips, basic skin and clothes colours and textures, select areas and dodge and burn them in order to make them more realistic, 3D and in the and clothes, items, accessories etc. I use a Wacom intuos 3 tablet witch is a great tool for illustrations, sketches and daily use (I don’t use a mouse for over 15 years) . Also I use a lot of textures from my personal photography stock, and Its my advice to everyone just to shoot pictures of everything! Rust, leafs, dirt, sand, rocks, paint, anything! You cannot imagine what you can do when you have a great texture stock! I always add some rust layers on clothes to make them more realistic and dirty.

Stay dark and creative!