Illustrating The Dark Hunter

Illustrating The Dark Hunter, design by Dorian Argus Whenever I choose to design something, I start with a draft sketch made on paper or directly in photoshop. Sometimes I find some images on internet that inspire me, so I take a piece of paper and I make a draft to see how I can [...]

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Making of Soon we will be born to suffer

Futuristic mechanical birth This artwork is a part of the dark art "suffer" series I made and here Ill show you some steps how I designed it step by step. First of all during the last 20 years I shot over 30.000 photos of various textures of all kind that I use for all my [...]

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Making my designs

Most of my artwork start from a simple sketch. Drawing by hand is much better than making something right away in photoshop. Everything looks better when the background is handmade! Then I paint it in photoshop adding various textures using my own photos and paintings. This one is made for my favorite artist Lisa Jablonski. [...]

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Decaydead Logo Origin

The origin of decaydead logo came from the time I went to high school and I formed an metal band called "Decay Senses". I loved this name and since then I kept it and most of my designs are around that title. Most of my designs are dark and refers to death, decay, grotesque stuff [...]

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